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Louisiana Student Seeking Financial Aid for College

Paying for College

Accessing Financial Aid

To be considered for all federal and state financial assistance, first complete the FAFSA (Free Appliction for Federal Student Aid) online at www.fafsa.gov. Never pay to apply! By completing the FAFSA, you are considered for the federal Pell grant, student loans, work‐study on campus as well as the Louisiana state‐based TOPS program.

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All students have 2 chances to win a $1,000 scholarship through Lela. Click below to register.


Lela Choose Louisiana Scholarship
(Deadline to enter December 31st, annually)

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Lela FAFSA Completion Scholarship
(Deadline to enter May 31, 2024)

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For FAFSA related questions, call the Lela FAFSA HELPline for assistance:

(844) GO FAFSA or (844) 463-2372

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If you need additional help with paying for college, after you have received all federal and state aid, as well as scholarships, consider LelaCHOICE supplemental education.