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Lela is committed to making higher education more affordable and accessible to the people of Louisiana.

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About Lela

The Louisiana Education Authority (Lela) is a division of the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA), a nonprofit public trust established to bring financing assistance and advantages to the people of Louisiana. As part of a nonprofit public trust, Lela’s mission is to make higher education more accessible and affordable for the people of Louisiana.

How we give back

Together, Lela and LPFA are committed to making Louisiana a better place to live, work and raise our families by furthering education, healthcare, economic development and job creation in the state. Since 1974, the LPFA has issued over $27 billion in bonds to finance over 600 projects which has helped to generate more than 327,110 jobs in Louisiana!

Over the years, Lela has saved students over $23 million by paying upfront fees for students on their federal student loans and through incentives has offered borrowers the potential to save over $255 million throughout repayment!

Lela has saved students over $23 million

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Accessing Financial Aid

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