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One-on-One Free Counseling Services Provided by Lela:

  • Assistance in completing your FAFSA

  • Scholarship search assistance

  • Lela acts as a link between you and your College Admissions Counselor

  • Lela acts as a link between you and your Financial Aid Counselor

  • Reinforcement of Important Deadline Dates

  • Assistance with contacting third parties involved in the Financial Aid Application Process

  • Financial Literacy Tips

  • Guidance on selecting a school that best meets your needs

  • Direct "Go To" person for high school Counselors

  • Help in understanding and responding to your Award Letter

  • Step by Step - Start to Finish - Applying/financial aid process for parents and students

  • Speak to experienced representatives


The askLela College Planning and Client Services:


      Ann Carmichael

      Statewide College Planning & Client Services Representative



The askLela Managing Staff:


                         Joni Leggio

       Assistant Vice President, Marketing