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Lela's FAFSA Completion Guide & Workbook 2018 - 2019 ( View Sample )

This Guide is all inclusive! Some of the many items included in the Guide are:

  • - Lela's Services and Scholarship Opportunities
  • - FAFSA Completion 3 Step Process
  • - Worksheets for FSA ID - FAFSA
  • - Department of Education FAFSA Graduation Requirements


Lela offers the following electronic files available to post to school websites and to download to print.

1. Senior's Checklist for College Planning  ( View Sample )

2. Junior's Checklist for College Planning  ( View Sample )

3. Parent's Guide for Planning and Paying for College ( View Sample )

4. FAFSA Process Worksheet ( View Sample )

5. Guide to College Cost  ( View Sample )

6. 2018-19 Do You Need Money for College? The Guide to Federal Student Aid
( View Sample )

Order free copies directly from the Department of Education HERE.


To access Lela's "It's FAFSA Time" power point presentation, please click HERE.

If you would like to schedule a FAFSA Completion Event on your campus, please contact Lela’s FAFSA Completion Coordinator, Ann Carmichael at